How will the eclipse of August 21 affect us?

Eclipses are an astronomical phenomenon, where the Earth intervenes, its natural satellite: the Moon and the Sun. Eclipses of Moon or Sun occur, occur in New Moon or Full Moon, depend on who intercepts sunlight, if it is eclipse Of Luna is the Earth that intercepts the sunlight that makes the Moon shine and when it is eclipse of Sun is the Moon that intercepts the Sun and an area of the Earth receives the shadow to the vision of the human; The place is darkened, where the cone of shade is given, it does not always fall in the same place on our planet.

Let us remember that every astronomical fact seen from Earth is that, visual, that intervenes in what we see and think. Centuries ago to see that the sky was darkened in the middle of the day, it produced fear, bewilderment, insecurity.

Today with a different level of consciousness we have the opportunity to capitalize on this fact as a phenomenon that leads us to an observation to process this collective symbolism of not seeing the sun as a possibility of being conscious and enlightened by ourselves, by our capacity of judgment Hierarchizing our talents.

Knowing the meaning of the Sun as vital and representative energy of the masculine and the representative Moon of the feminine and the sensibility, we can say that an eclipse can reverberate in our psyche as a moment of darkness, that leads us to an introspection, to accept the change Imminent with regard to the hierarchical masculine if it is eclipse of Sun, if Eclipse of Moon inclines to the emotional, familiar world. The guidance and guidance of astrology in search of evolution, is first to accept an astronomical fact that differs from centuries ago, where today we can know and have information from a planet by the research of the nasa, with photos and scientific details.

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